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Top iPad Apps for Pharmacists

Thursday, May 2 2013 Submitted by Pharmacists Mutual

Your iPad can be an invaluable tool for the pharmacy. While Angry Birds and FaceTime are fun for downtime or travel, there are a number of pharmacist-specific apps available on the App Store you could be using every day at your business.

Just like your laptop, POS systems or any other form of technology, an iPad with the right apps on it can make your operation more efficient, ensure quality control and improve customer service. Here are some of the most popular iPad apps for pharmacists:

Medscape App

Catch up on the latest news and FDA announcements. Explore drug interactions. Take advantage of quick lookup of drug information, clinical evidence, recalls and more.


Medibabble AppMedibabble
Allows you to translate common medical-related phrases that can help you overcome language barriers with non-English speaking customers. You can see phrases written out, as well as play audio of each phrase. (Google Translate is also a solid option.)


Pharmacy Times AppPharmacy Times
Get all your pharmacy news digitally, direct to your iPad. Also get access to the iPad-only Pharmacy Insights, with the latest professional news & trends.


Epocrates AppEpocrates
A must-have for robust drug reference needs, with brand, generic and OTC medicines. Features drug interactions check and pill ID. Relied upon by more than 50% of U.S. physicians, and is one of the apps pharmacist reviewers say they “can’t live without.” Several versions available, at different price levels.


Pull up more than 300 relevant formulas, scores, scales and classifications. Store your most commonly used equations. The premium version even allows you to store patient results for easy referral.


Called the “most trusted and comprehensive resource for mobile drug and clinical information.” Check dosing, read guidelines, even access pictures of medications to help patients who may not remember the name of their medicine. Regularly updated with the latest drug information, so you always have the most up-to-date data. Again, multiple price points available based on your needs.


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    • admin on said:

      Hopefully you entered our giveaway, Judy. And encourage your coworkers to enter for even more chances! 🙂

  1. Not to toot my own horn, but I have an app on the Apple AppStore called RxOrange, which is an orange book compendium for the iPhone. It predicts patent expiration for drugs( very handy) and can help with substitution for products that are often confusing in practice.

  2. Good suggestions. We also use Evernote to communicate memos, policies, etc amongst employees. And pharmacist letter has a very good app that’s free for subscribers. Immunization app is a helpful vaccine counseling tool.

    • admin on said:

      We love Evernote. Great tool for information capture, organization and collaboration. Thanks for the additional suggestions, Harry!

    • admin on said:

      Jerry, watch for a feature on Android apps in the near future. A few we mentioned here – Medscape, Lexicomp, Epocrates, MedCalc – are available in both Android and iOS formats.

  3. I just wanted to make this group aware of CEAppCenter.com which is dedicated to apps for CE. There is a Preceptor Development app and a LTC Pharmacy app. Pharmacists Mutual has a presence in the Pharmacy 20Ways app as well as the 2013 Pharmacy Platinum Pages App. All can be found in the CEAppCenter.

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